Infants fed DHA-enriched formula may have increased cognitive performance RESEARCH

In the randomized, double-blind study, 81 infants were fed one of four formulas from birth to 12 months; three with varying levels of two LCPUFAs (DHA and ARA) and one formula with no LCPUFA.


Beginning at 18 months, the children were tested every six months until six years of age on age-appropriate standardized and specific cognitive tests.

At 18 months, the children did not perform any better on standardized tests of performance and intelligence, but by age three the researchers began to see significant differences in the performance of children who were fed the enriched formulas on finer-grained, laboratory-based measures of several aspects of cognitive function. Specifically, the children showed accelerated development on detailed tasks involving pattern discrimination, rule-learning, and inhibition between the ages of three to five years of age as well as better performance on two widely-used standardized tests of intelligence: the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test at age five and the Weschler Primary Preschool Scales of Intelligence at age six.


Τα βρέφη που τρέφονται με βρεφικές κρέμες εμπλουτισμένες με DHA μπορεί να έχουν αυξημένη γνωστική ικανότητα

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