Polydextrose fiber may increase satiety

poludekstrozh auksanei va8mo koresmou peinas

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition shows that polydextrose may increase satiety and reduce subsequent energy intake.


The 21 participants in the randomized, cross-over study consumed chocolate milk drinks with an equal energy load and varying doses of Litesse Ultra polydextrose from DuPont Danisco, from 0 g up to 25 g, 90 min prior to being served an unlimited pasta-based test meal.The researchers determined the exact amount of energy consumed by each participant before they declared themselves comfortably full. This revealed that total meal energy intake was significantly lower when participants had received 6.3 g, 12.5 g, or 25 g Litesse Ultra in the pre-meal snack, compared to the no-polydextrose control.

Consumption of 25 g polydextrose led to the lowest meal energy intake, indicating that the impact on satiety is dose-dependent. In addition, it was found that both the 12.5 g and 25 g polydextrose doses were linked to a lower total energy intake over the entire day.

Litesse Ultra is a recognized dietary fiber that contributes just 1 kcal per gram. Approved on international markets, it is suitable for many food and beverage applications.

Η πολυδεξτρόζη μπορεί να αυξάνει το βαθμό κορεσμού της πείνας!